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A Big Team in a Small Package

With years of industry experience and amazing talent, Handyman Studios enjoys all the benefits of a small studio environment, with the ability to quickly adapt to evolving requirements, yet is able to produce the same results one would expect from a much larger organization. We believe in strong connections with our partners and working closely with them to make amazing product.

We do not try to be flashy, we do not try to oversell.  We strive to deliver and exceed expectations at every corner. 


Handyman Studios started in 2012 as two guys with dreams of working on games.  Coming in with years of experience, spent the early days working on a range of applications, mobile games, and games for others.  With a successful kickstarter Handyman Studios went on to release EDGE OF SPACE, a 2d open world game that was a pre-launch success on steams early "early access" system.  As one of the first few games that made it through the system.  

Since then we have gone to our roots and done work for others helping bring their experiences to life as well as working on prospects for our own ideas. 

Our company never stops moving.  Rapid prototyping is in our blood and if there is any stand still time, then we are experimenting, learning, and growing. 





Sep 17, 2015





North Carolina