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Jens Kiilstofte:

5 years of industry experience, self-motivated, passionate, ever learning, his dedication to his craft is seldom matched.

Jacob Crane:

12 years in the Industry, an innovator, communicator, solutionist, who has an uncanny passion in making games. Who is only held back by limitations enforced on him.

Paul Ash:

15 years in the industry, his spirit animal is “Rick,” This man reads code like you breath. He has worked on games large and small, and has not found a problem he has not been able to solve.


Doug Goodall:

15 years of industry experience, a veteran game developer, has worked on titles such as Morrowind. His down to earth look on things, and proficiency with expanding systems makes him invaluable to the team.

Ian Lemke:

24 years Content and design (over thirty books developed or contributed to as a content developer) hard to say much more about this guy. He has lived, loved, lost, and lived again! A wealth of content experience all wrapped into one.

Philip Bawasanta:

6 years in the industry, started small and has put immense work into his art. His passion and dedication to his craft is hard to compare to.

DiraRyn Xyle:

16 years as a tester in software and hardware environments.  As well as technical skills beyond that. This gal can test your test ontop of some test. When you have a sudden swarm of things that need checking that shouldn’t be humanly possible. This is the gal you want at your back.

Desirae Norem:

7 years professional animation, has worked on AAA handheld titles. With teaching experience, she can do more than just make wonderful animations. Flexible, and reliable, she is a pleasure to work with.

Joe Mana:

6 years in the industry, he is the technical artist magi. The swiss army knife of art. He also is a bit of an art ninja.